Domestic violence is very much a business issue. For example time off due to injuries costs UK businesses over £1.35 billion every year, 40% of people experiencing domestic violence take time off work as a result and 46% say it affects their ability to work.
‘I feel safer at work now that I know my boyfriend can’t easily find me. If he comes looking for me, I know my company will continue to support me.

We can help you to set up a Payroll Giving scheme so that your staff can donate directly from their salary before tax.
Payroll Giving enables a basic rate tax payer to tax relief of £2 on every £10 donated, meaning that a £10 donation only actually costs them £8.
If your company already has a Payroll Giving scheme in place, we can give a talk to your staff to encourage them to give to DDVSAS through the scheme.